My EPK comprises the sections listed below. The entire document and individual sections can be downloaded from my EPK FILES page as .pdf files.

 Embedded audio and video in the files can be played when using a suitable pdf application (Adobe, Lumin, Foxit etc.)

Also on my EPK FIles page is a ONE-SHEET summary – presenting the key points of my EPK on a single page.

Individual EPK sections can be viewed by clicking the titles below.

BIOGRAPHY – long, short and even shorter versions, free for media use.


DISCOGRAPHY – a list of my published music, with release dates.


SOCIAL MEDIA – links to my social media and my website.


PUBLISHED MUSIC – links to my music hosting platforms and embedded audios of my published music releases.


VIDEOS – full music and promotional videos plus embedded clips of performances.


BROADCASTS – embedded edited recordings of my performances and interviews on radio.


PRESS COVERAGE – articles featuring me in the press, which can be expanded for full display.


MEDIA QUOTES – specific comments about me in radio shows and the press.


EVENTS CALENDAR – a list of my past performances and future bookings.


PHOTOS – enlargeable photographs of me, free for media use.


TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION – technical configurations and requirements for my live performances.


CONTACT INFORMATION – how to contact me and my booking agent.


© Naomie Musumba Soda, 2020