"Musumba. I know you've been a big supporter of her on the show and she is the future of music in Leeds/Bradford. She's got so much going for her at the moment."

– Ben Matravers, successful Leeds music producer to BBC Introducing presenter Emily Pilbeam on BBC Introducing in West Yorkshire, on Radio Leeds, 18 January 2020

– Kofi Smiles, Kofi Smiles Show on Bradford 1Xtra, 27 September 2019

"We're going to have Musumba, she's an incredibly talented Bradford musician. I don't want to call her a rapper, a singer... she's a creator. She raps, she sings, she does spoken word... no, no, so sorry, she does performance poetry, she does everything, man. She's only sixteen years old, some real skill there, man, some real talent...  [to Musumba] All the work that you're doing, your passion, your honesty, your intelligence... you've got a big, big future ahead of you. Awesome.... Definitely an artist we're tipping for, we're expecting hoping huge things come. Please, please check out the incredible work she's done for BBC Music Day."

"Musumba... she's an excellent, excellent artist and for her age as well she's amazing."

– Jae Depz, Kofi Smiles Show on Bradford 1Xtra, 27 September 2019

"Well, one thing I can say about Musumba is she's young, fifteen years old, fire bars and also she's got a crazy, crazy voice man."

– Faisal Motin,  Kenny Allstar Show on Bradford 1Xtra, 27 September 2019

"This is BBC Music day and there is something very, very special about to happen... We're considering this the jewel in the crown of BBC Music Day here in West Yorkshire. We're about to experience a musical mashup... the likes of which has never been seen or heard... we have in front of us the wonderful Bradford Youth Orchestra... and... we have our incredible young rapper, she's a singer-songwriter, she's from Bradford, she's fifteen years of age, she's called Musumba... [performance]... Oh my gosh! That was amazing! Beautiful!"

Gayle Lofthouse, BBC Radio Leeds, 26 September 2019

"...she can sing, she can rap, she can do everything. Shouts out to Musumba!"

– Faisal Motin, Grime Up North Mixtape, on Radio Leeds, 19 August 2019

"Next I'm going to play Musumba. It's called 'Different Wave' and the talent of this young rapper from Bradford is astonishing. It was our Breaking Brad-ford track of the week the other week and it could be every week - it's that good. Every time we listen to this track we're just amazed that she's under 16 and super-talented. I don't know... she must have started when she was one, or something."

– Alan Raw, BBC Introducing in West Yorkshire, on Radio Leeds, 27 July 2019

"Well now, we often hear about 'the youth of today' getting into a bit of trouble, but this Saturday in Leeds there will be the first Youth Business Market. It's being held to promote the young entrepreneurs of the future... There will also be live music and one of the performers is rapper Musumba, the teenager from Bradford who's making massive waves on BBC Introducing and BBC 6 Music."

Gayle Lofthouse, BBC Radio Leeds, 24 July 2019

"The talent of this young rap artist from Bradford is absolutely astonishing. This was our first 'Breaking Brad' track last week and she's so good... The brilliant sound of Musumba... Only fifteen and making music like that. We're going to do everything we can to support her. I think she's brilliant."

– Alan Raw, BBC Introducing in West Yorkshire, on Radio Leeds, 13 July 2019

"The talent of this young rap artist from Bradford is honestly astonishing. This girl is so young, so talented and is absolutely a star in the making. Really looking forward to watching the development of what happens with the music of Musumba... The incredible talent of Musumba... from Bradford, who is just sending us some amazing tracks. Still under 16 and has sent us yet another brilliant track on the BBC Introducing Uploader. What a star!"

– Alan Raw, BBC Introducing in West Yorkshire, on Radio Leeds, 6 July 2019

"The power of having people like @TommyA_ManEvans in #Bradford is the way it can inspire our own young artists. Highlight of the day so far is watching this incredible young rapper from Bradford take the mic and steal the stage. Join us for school events and this could be you!

Bradford Literature Festival, via Twitter, 1 July 2019

"That's 'Pourquoi' by Naomie Soda, who was born in Belfast to Congolese refugee parents in 2003. The family now live and work in Bradford, where Naomie goes to school. She supported Kate Tempest at last year's 'Women of the World' festival and is being mentored by a songwriting student at Manchester BIMM called Vanessa Maria. Now I didn't know any of that when Shell Zenner sent us the track. I just thought what came out of the speakers sounded brilliant."

– Tom Robinson, Tom Robinson Mixtape, on BBC Radio 6 Music, 3 June 2019

"Breaking Bradford, well we've always got to have a breaking Bradford track... and wow, it's a special one. Such a raw talent – a total must-hear... An incredible bit of grime from such a young person, at just the age of 15... Musumba, with 'Pourquoi', is from Bradford. One of six siblings who has been making music for years... which is why obviously she's got so good already by the time she's 15. This track was recorded at RubixCube Lab in Bradford. I think it's brilliant. Musumba's clearly got a big future. If there's any justice in the music industry... then Musumba will do very well."

– Alan Raw, BBC Introducing in West Yorkshire, on Radio Leeds and Radio Sheffield, 1 June 2019


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